The following are a selection of team records from 1999 onwards.

Highest Ever Roydon Score: 368-2 to win (C. Handy 172 n.o. and D. Sanderson 137) in 45 overs at home vs. B. Williams' XI on Friday 1st August 2008.

Highest Ever Opposition Score: B. Williams' XI 367-7 declared (F. Gafoor 162 and C. Millwood 87) in 34 overs at Roydon on Friday 1st August 2008.

Both these scores were in the same game, 735 runs in 79 overs at 9.30 RPO. Great declaration Bradders !

Lowest Ever Roydon Score: 78-8 all 0ut (two men short) in 41 overs losing to Flycatchers by 6 wickets at home on Saturday 28th August 1999.

Lowest Ever Opposition Score: Molehill Green 34-10 all out in 25 overs losing to Roydon by 168 runs at Roydon on Monday 3rd May 1999. 

Highest Winning Margin.

Runs H: 215 vs. Capricorn Sun 26/08/07.

Runs A: 208 vs. Hoddesdon Sun 10/05/09.

Wickets H: 8 vs. S. Baker's XI Thu 10/07/03.

Wickets A: 9 vs. Myddleton House Sat 05/06/99.

Highest Losing Margin

Runs H: 124 vs. Hoddesdon Sun 09/09/07.

Runs A: 111 vs. Buckhurst Hill Sun 22/09/02.

Wickets H: 10 vs. Hoddesdon Sun 04/07/04.

Wickets A: 6 vs. Hertford Sun 10/08/08.